Is It Correct to Say ‘We Really Appreciate It’?

As a non-native English speaker, you might often wonder about the correct usage of certain phrases. One such expression is “We really appreciate it”. It is useful to understand when and how to use this phrase correctly to express gratitude or appreciations in different contexts.

Usage in Common English

Primarily, the expression “We really appreciate it” is grammatically correct and commonly used in both written and spoken English. The phrase is used to convey gratitude or thankfulness towards an individual or group. This could be in response to some help or support that they have provided.

For example, “We really appreciate your dedication and hard work.”.

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Variations and Examples

There are several variations to this phrase that carry the same sentiment. Some examples include:

    • “We truly appreciate your help.”
    • “We very much appreciate your time.”
    • “Your assistance is highly appreciated.”
    • “Your support means the world to us.”

These phrases are as acceptable and meaningful as, “We really appreciate it.”

Usage in Different Context

Although commonly used, the circumstance or scenario often dictates the suitability of the phrase “We really appreciate it”.

    • In Formal Settings: In professional or formal environments, it might sometimes be more appropriate to use alternatives like, “Your assistance has been invaluable” or “We are profoundly grateful for your support”.
    • In Casual Settings: In more casual or personal settings, “We really appreciate it” can be used freely to express gratitude or thankfulness for any kind of assistance or support given.
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In conclusion, the phrase “we really appreciate it” is a polite and versatile expression used to convey gratitude. It is used in various contexts, though the setting might sometimes suggest the use of more formal or specific alternatives. As a non-native English speaker, understanding its usage can improve your communication skills and allow you to express gratitude effectively. However, remember that it’s the sincerity of the appreciation that counts more than the exact words used.

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