Is it Proper to Say ‘Thank You’ to Both Parties?

Many times, when expressing appreciation, gratitude, or acknowledgment, especially to a pair of individuals, a common query arises. Is it appropriate to say “thank you both”? Given that language use can sometimes be a contentious issue, your concern is valid. This guide is designed to address this question and provide a clear response.

Meaning and Correct Usage

The short answer to this question is: Yes! The phrase “thank you both” or its alternative, “thanks to both of you” are both grammatically correct and appropriate expressions of gratitude. These phrases are typically used when you want to express appreciation or thanks to two individuals simultaneously.

The expression “thank you both” is generally used when you are speaking directly to the two people you are thanking. Consider this scenario: You’ve just completed a successful meeting with two colleagues. It would be appropriate to say, “Thank you both for your insights and collaboration during our meeting.”

On the other hand, “thanks to both of you” is often employed when you are expressing gratitude in front of a larger group, thus spotlighting the specific contributions of the two individuals you are thanking. This phrase helps to highlight the individual contributions and acknowledges their efforts publicly. For example, during a presentation, you might say, “Thanks to both of you for your invaluable contributions to this project.”

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Pronunciation is an essential part of mastering English. Here’s a guide you might find helpful for saying these phrases: “Thank you both” is pronounced as thank yü bōth and “Thanks to both of you” as than(k)s tü bōth uv yü.

Examples of Usage

Let’s check out some examples of these phrases:

  • You are addressing two people directly: “I want to thank you both for the incredible progress you’ve made.”
  • Whispering appreciation to a couple who have hosted a dinner: “I didn’t have a chance to thank you both the other day, but I am incredibly appreciative.”
  • Public acknowledgment: “Thanks to both of you for coming to work each day with a positive attitude.”
  • Public expression of gratitude: “Thanks to both of you for your exceptional skills and dedication. You are a fantastic team.”
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In conclusion, both “Thank you both” and “Thanks to both of you” are acceptable and grammatically correct ways of expressing gratitude or acknowledgment to two people. The choice between the two expressions greatly depends on the situation, the audience, and the level of formality desired. Now that you have this knowledge, feel confident in using these phrases interchangeably in your communications.

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