Is Reading Reverend Insanity Really Worth It?

Reverend Insanity, also known as Daoist Gu, is a very popular web novel that has sparked a great deal of discussion on various online platforms. The story follows Fang Yuan, a protagonist who values benefits above all else regardless of the method or morality involved in achieving them.

The Good Aspects of Reverend Insanity

    • Originality: Reverend Insanity presents a unique cultivation system. The protagonist utilizes a creature called “Gu”, which can be used for various purposes like combat, healing, storage, and mobility. The versatility of this creature supplements the intense world-building and adds depth to the novel’s premise.
    • World-building: The universe of Reverend Insanity is well-crafted, having clear hierarchies, rich history, and robust organisational structures. Furthermore, the line between good and evil isn’t clear, making the story much more intriguing.
    • Character Development: The protagonist, Fang Yuan, is characterized as an anti-hero whose resolute and ambitious nature captivates readers. His external acts can be quite atrocious, but his internal monologue justifies his actions.
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The Bad Aspects of Reverend Insanity

    • Morality: The protagonist’s philosophy of favoring benefits over morals could be interpreted as evil, which may not appeal to every reader. Fierce, unapologetic, and downright ruthless at times, Fang Yuan‘s actions might be too much for some.
    • Translation: While the original text may be beautifully crafted, some readers have found the translation to be somewhat rough, making it a bit difficult for newcomers of foreign literature to fully enjoy.
    • Writing Style: The novel adopts a “tell not show” style, which differs greatly from traditional Western storytelling techniques and may require some getting used to for Western audiences.

Is Reverend Insanity Worth Reading?

For readers who enjoy a cultivation-based fantasy novel with heavy emphasis on politics, schemes, and a ruthless lead character, Reverend Insanity could be a worthwhile read. However, those who prefer their heroes to have a strong moral compass may find the book’s protagonist way too immoral. Ultimately, the enjoyment of this novel heavily depends on personal preferences when it comes to themes and characters.

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Reverend Insanity is a unique, complex, and undeniably dark web novel with a captivating world and intriguing characters. Its approach to storytelling contradicts traditional Western narratives, but those able to get past this hurdle will find a well-constructed, thrilling narrative that truly absorbs the reader. However, it’s crucial to be aware that this novel addresses dark themes and the protagonist’s actions often veer towards the ruthless, which might not be everyone’s cup of tea. As such, while the novel comes with high praise from many readers, it’s ultimately a subjective experience.

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