Is the Book ‘Love on the Brain’ a Spicy Read?

Are you intrigued about the book ‘Love on the Brain’ by the famous author Ali Hazelwood, and wonder if it is spicy? This guide will help you understand the overall tone of the book, with a focus on the romance and steam parts.

What is ‘Love on the Brain’ About?

‘Love on the Brain’ is a STEMinist rom-com, a unique blend of humor, romance, science, and feminism. The leading character is a female neuroscientist named Bee Konigswasser. She lands her dream job at NASA, but there’s a catch.

The head engineer on the project is Levi Ward, a person she considers her nemesis from Grad school. The story unfolds as a semi-enemies-to-lovers love fest with a mix of love, espionage, drama, and mystery.

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The Romance and Steam Level

This romance novel’s love part is not only traditional sweet but gets quite steam. It’s described as very spicy and contains explicit scenes achieving a real tension between the characters. The chemistry between Bee and Levi is palpable, complemented by their semi-dislike affair.

Not Just Love, but a Complete Package

The book doesn’t just revolve around the steamy love story. It also includes other elements, such as:

  • A mystery you may not see coming.
  • Discussion on the difficulties endured by women in science, making it an enlightening read.
  • Fact talks about Marie Curie and the obstacles faced by graduates in science professions.
  • A subplot involving espionage and drama.
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Is ‘Love on the Brain’ Spicier Than ‘The Love Hypothesis’?

Many readers who enjoyed Hazelwood’s previous novel, ‘The Love Hypothesis’ wonder if ‘Love on the Brain’ matches its spiciness. While ‘The Love Hypothesis’ has been proclaimed as spicy, ‘Love on the Brain’ takes it a step further. The book includes multiple open door scenes and presents a slow burn romance that eventually leads to explicit scenes.


‘Love on the Brain’ by Ali Hazelwood is a STEMinist rom-com that delivers not only on the science and feminist front but also on the romance front. It’s a fun, steamy, spicy contemporary read that appeals to readers who enjoy a good dose of spice in their romance novels. It’s a book where love, science, feminist themes, and humor come together to create a satisfyingly spicy romance. If you enjoy intense chemistry, palpable romantic tension, and some explicit steamy scenes along with absorbing stories, ‘Love on the Brain’ can be an ideal pick for your next read.

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