Is the Magic Emperor Novel Finally Finished?

The Magic Emperor novel, a captivating written work, has intrigued countless readers with its fascinating plot twists. Questions revolving around its completion have been a hot topic amongst enthusiasts.

The Magic Emperor Novel

Before delving into its completion status, let’s briefly discuss its backdrop. In the narrative, Yifan Zhuo, the Demon Emperor, rejuvenates as a family servant named Zhuo Fan. Despite his dramatic downgrade, he uses his knowledge and power to help his mistress and ascend to power again.

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The End of the Magic Emperor

Zhuo Fan eventually climbs back to supremacy. He even learns a powerful art that regresses his cultivation to its primal stage. On his journey, he eliminates foes, avenges his past, and secures the future of descendents. A remarkable aspect of the story is when Zhuo Fan decides to erase his existence from everyone’s memory once he attains the highest cultivation levels.

Despite everyone forgetting about him, Chu Qingcheng, his wife, manages to retain her memories. Qingcheng and Zhuo Fan share a profound connection and love for each other, which stays intact, vindicating their mutual loyalty. Eventually, she is reunited with her husband, and their shared memories return, elucidating on their epic journey together from the Mortal Rank to the Saint Territory.

Character Arcs

Zhuo Fan’s journey isn’t the only aspect that piques readers’ interest. The novel covers multiple secondary characters such as Qing Chen, Xue Ning, Yun Chang and more. Their personal journeys, resolutions, and their relationships with Zhuo Fan would also interest any prospective reader.

  • Qing Chen: Qing Chen remains Zhou Fan’s loyal and devoted wife, sharing tumultuous experiences until the end of their journey.
  • Xue Ning: Xue Ning’s character has an erasing memory arc that later gets intertwined with Xie Yang.
  • Yun Chang: Yun Chang’s story is quite interesting as it leads her to marry another character in the narrative.


In conclusion, the Magic Emperor novel is indeed finished. The story takes you on a roller-coaster journey documenting Zhuo Fan’s life, his ups and downs, powerful revelations, and eventual triumph towards his goals. Alongside, exploring the paths of multiple other vibrant characters. It’s a fascinating read for anyone interested in immersing themselves in a realm of intricate storytelling, vindictive plots, and powerful character arcs.

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