Is ‘My Hockey Alpha’ Available on Kindle?

If you’ve been searching for the well-renowned novel “My Hockey Alpha”, fret not! This guide simplifies your search, helping you find answers to common inquiries about its online accessibility, particularly on Kindle.

“My Hockey Alpha” – Quick Overview

“My Hockey Alpha” is a compelling Werewolf romance novel written by Eve Above Story. It tells the gripping tale of Nina, a young woman who, after a painful betrayal by her boyfriend, embarks on a journey of self-discovery that leads her into the arms of her college’s hockey team captain. Just like any other intriguing romance tale, secrets, love, and unexpected alliances create a compelling narrative.

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Availability on Kindle

Yes, “My Hockey Alpha” has made its way to Kindle. The digital format of the book is listed on popular book reviewing websites and therefore, is available for Kindle readers. However, some previous readers show concerns about the price, so it’s worth noting that the Kindle version might not be free.

Where Else to Find “My Hockey Alpha”

If the Kindle version is beyond your budget, there are few other places you can check:

    • There are websites dedicated to providing links to free chapters every day, like GoodNovel. However, patience is necessary as unlocking all chapters one or two at a time might take a while.
    • Various social media platforms such as Reddit frequently discuss about the availability of newer chapters of the book. You can follow and participate in these discussions.
    • Be cautious of other free novel websites. While they may have diverse collections, the latest chapters or complete editions of some books could be missing.

On Content Quality

Regard user comments and reviews with caution. Many have voiced concerns about content quality, constant back-and-forth in the narrative of “My Hockey Alpha”, and lack of reciprocation in romantic scenes. Some readers even lament about numerous plot holes as the story progresses. As a reader, your preferences may differ; you might enjoy cliffhangers and surprises. So, it’s always a good idea to give it a read yourself to see if the book appeals to your tastes.


In conclusion, the romance novel “My Hockey Alpha” is available on Kindle as well as other platforms. However, due to variances in the narrative structure, you might want to read a few initial chapters before fully committing. Remember, different readers perceive and enjoy books differently. So, ultimately, your takeaway from the book will be a personal experience. Happy reading!

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