Is ‘Thank You’ One Word or Two? Deciphering the Debate

English is a broad language with a great variety of single and doubled worded expressions that often creates confusion among writers or those whose native language is not English. A commonly raised question revolves around the phrase “thank you”, and how it must be spelled: Is it one word or two? This guide aims to provide a clear answer to this common query.

How to utilise “Thank You”

The universally accepted rule is that “thank you” is always used as two words when expressing gratitude or thanks. Consider it as a two-word verb phrase. For example:

  • Thank you for your kindness.
  • I cannot say thank you enough for your help.

This usage applies whether you’re penning a casual note, writing a novel, or crafting emails and official reports.


“Thankyou” and “Thank-You”

The term “thankyou”, written as a single word, is now occasionally used, primarily as a noun or adjective. However, it’s worth noting that this usage does not generally extend to formal writing. For instance:

  • Your generous gift was a heartfelt thankyou to us.
  • The event ended with handing out thankyou notes to all the attendees.

As for “thank-you” with a hyphen, this version is scarcely used and is not commonly accepted.

Common Misconceptions

A misconception has propagated due to the rapid evolution of the English language and the incoming of digital age terminologies. However, no matter the context or era, the phrase “thank you” expressing gratitude remains two words. Using “thankyou” as one word or splitting it with a hyphen as “thank-you” is not suitable in formal writings, official documents and professional emails.



In conclusion, when expressing gratitude, “thank you” should always be written as two separate words in all forms of writing. Single-worded “thankyou” or hyphenated “thank-you” is less used and not generally accepted in formal writing. By adhering to these guiding principles, we can ensure the proper usage and application of these phrases, thus maintaining the integrity and professionalism of our writing. Remember, correct grammar and spelling matter, as they represent our credibility and attentiveness to detail.

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