Is the Clementine Comic Truly Canonical?

The question many fans often ask is if the Clementine comic is canon to the original series. The answer to this question has quite a few layers to it that need to be broken down.

The Clementine Comic

Firstly, it’s essential to know who Clementine is. She is a fictional character introduced in The Walking Dead video game series by Telltale Games. Later, she appeared in an original comic book of the same name.

“Clementine” by Tillie Walden, started in 2022.

    • She is a survivor of a zombie apocalypse and a central figure in the narrative.
    • Throughout the series, she must make difficult decisions and ultimately learns to fend for herself.
    • Clementine develops a father-daughter bond with another survivor, Lee Everett, who finds her alone after her parents left town just as the apocalypse started.
    • Over time, Clementine grows and becomes a guardian to Alvin Jr. (AJ), a child she meets along her journey.
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Is It Canon?

Now, let’s address the main concern. Is the Clementine comic canon? Well, given that she was a completely original character developed for the video game series and she subsequently appears in the comic book series, it’s safe to say that yes, the comic is indeed a canon evolution of her character.

The Link Between the Comics And The Video Game Series

It’s well-known that The Walking Dead comics by Robert Kirkman were the original source material, which then expanded into a larger franchise including the video games, TV series, and additional comics.

    • After the closure of Telltale Games, Robert Kirkman’s company Skybound Entertainment took over the property. They felt it was necessary to continue and give closure to Clementine’s story that was initially started in the video games.
    • Because of the integration into Kirkman’s comic universe and the fact that her narrative is now being continued in the comic book of the same name, Clementine’s story is accepted as canon within the continuity of The Walking Dead.
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In conclusion, it’s clear that the Clementine comic is indeed canon. The narratives and characters from the video games have been woven into the fabric of The Walking Dead franchise as a whole. This has allowed Clementine’s character to grow and evolve even outside of the original video game platform and continue to be a fan-favorite within the universe of The Walking Dead.

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