Is the Naruto Light Novel part of the Official Canon?

Sure, here it is:


Canon in a fictional universe stands as the authoritative narrative of the story, typically established by the original author. However, determining what is canon can spur debate among fans, especially when considering spin-offs or works by different authors. A hot topic of such debate in the anime and manga universe is whether the Naruto light novel is canon or not.

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Understanding the Controversy

  • The argument about the canonicity of Naruto light novels centers on whether they have a significant impact on the main story or not. Some fans consider them as enriching additions to the universe, while others view them as non-essential.
  • The main contention rises from the fact that these light novels, although approved by the original authors, are often written by different writers, raising questions about their canonical status.

Interpreting the Author’s Stand

  • Jun Esaka, the author of Sasuke Retsuden – one of the Naruto light novel series, once tweeted that the original manga is the single truth, indicating that spin-off stories, including her own, are not necessarily considered canon.
  • However, the notion about what constitutes canon is not strictly based on the original author’s creations but can encompass works that expand the main storyline.
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Fan Perspectives

  • Some fans argue that just because a story is a spin-off, it does not strip its canonical status. An example provided is Naruto Gaiden which is widely accepted as canon, yet it is a spin-off.
  • Others favor the inclusion of light novels into canon due to their depiction of events in the Naruto universe, such as Naruto and Hinata’s wedding in Konoha Hiden, which links to the events of “The Last.”


In conclusion, there’s no universally accepted answer to whether the Naruto light novels are canon. The differing opinions depend on personal interpretation, consideration of authors’ intentions, and preferences on what should constitute canon. Until there is an explicit confirmation or rejection from the original creators or the franchise’s current curators, the question “Is The Naruto light novel canon?” continues to stir healthy debate among Naruto fans worldwide.

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