Is Reading ‘Vicious’ Truly Worth Your Time?

Are you contemplating whether Vicious by V E Schwab is worth your time? Here’s an inclusive guide providing insights on the topic to aid your decision

Vicious is not your average novel – it’s a mesmerizing collision of superhero mythos and revenge thriller

The Plot

Set around two college students, Victor and Eli, the novel encapsulates their journey from being roommates to archenemies Their interest in near-death experiences as an avenue to acquiring superhuman abilities triggers an unexpected turn of events A decade later, Victor breaks out of jail, intending to catch up to Eli, his present foe

Meanwhile, Eli wages a crusade to extinguish every other super-powered entity

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The novel’s vibrant characters bring unique elements to the story. Victor’s conscience and moral dilemmas act as a paradox to his vengeful outlook. Eli, on the other hand, with religious convictions as his driving force, stands firm on his belief of attaining superiority over others.

Book Reception

The novel received widespread acclaim from critics and readers alike, spotlighted for its unconventional take on the superhero narrative. Vicious was dubbed as a “riveting revenge thriller”, and “as epic and gripping as any classic comic”.

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The book’s sequel, titled “Vengeful”, was met with varied reviews. Some opines that Vicious could have stood alone as its storyline seemed complete. Conversely, others felt that “Vengeful” added an additional depth to the narrative.

Literary aspects

The novel uses a complex structure, moving back and forth between timelines and perspectives to build suspense. The story unfolds both in the past, revealing the events that lead to the character’s current plight, and the present, capturing their ongoing feud.

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While Vicious is not your typical read, it offers a unique blend of genres and a refreshing perspective on the superhero narrative. Focused on characters that are not clearly defined as “heroes” or “villains,” it delves deep into moral and ethical dilemmas. If you enjoy character-driven, thought-provoking reads with an element of suspense and intrigue, Vicious might be the perfect fit for you. Yet, it may not sit well with those who prefer linear storytelling and clear-cut character archetypes. Considering the factors mentioned above can help determine whether Vicious is worth reading for you. After all, a book’s worth lies in its capacity to captivate the reader, and that can be highly subjective.

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