What Age is Suzanne Walker’s Mooncakes Appropriate For?

If you’re wondering if Mooncakes by Suzanne Walker is age-appropriate content, you’re in the right place. This magical story is a beautiful blend of diversity, representation, and enchanting storytelling making it attractive for various age groups.

Storyline and Themes

The graphic novel’s storyline revolves around Nova, a powerful young witch and her childhood friend Tam, who is a genderqueer werewolf. The narrative walks you through their journey of self-discovery against the backdrop of witchcraft, untested magic, occult rituals, and family ties. Themes of friendship, romance, self-discovery, and adventure are predominant in the book.

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Audience and Representation

    • Mooncakes is most suitable for teens and young adults, particularly catering to those in their middle grades and below 16. However, it’s essential to remember that adults might also enjoy the whimsical world and the potent themes it offers.
    • The book provides abundant diversity. Nova and Tam are both Chinese-American. Nova uses hearing aids, highlighting disability representation, while Tam’s non-binary identity introduces a fresh perspective. Nova’s grandmothers who are also in a queer relationship, add to the broad spectrum of representation.

Language and Content

    • The book uses English language and the tone is sweet, action-packed, and somewhat eerie, gripping readers of all ages.
    • There are no profanity or crude language incidents, making it safe for readers from the middle grade and upwards.
    • There’s a tad bit of romance, hinting at the blooming relationship between Nova and Tam but it’s soft and heart-warming, making it appropriate even for young readers.
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Art and Design

The enchanting art-style of the book adds to its charm. The full-color, stylized illustrations are fittingly magical and carry the narrative forward, keeping readers hooked. Couple this with the book’s lush autumn atmosphere and you are given a visually delightful reading experience.


That said, Mooncakes by Suzanne Walker is an excellent choice for both teen and young adult readers who enjoy diverse characters, magical tales, and a hint of romance. Its representation of varied identities without calling overt attention to them is particularly commendable. While the plot might not pose complicated conflicts, the atmosphere, themes, and representation make it a worthy read. So, if you’re someone who loves cozy, witchy, fall reads, this could be just the book for you.

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