What are Blank Comic Covers Called?

Ever wondered about the stark, empty looking comic book covers eagerly waiting to be filled with color and life? This guide will shed light on Blank Comic Covers.

Variety in Comic Book Covers

An appealing part of comic book collecting and creating lies in the numerous types of comic covers, each adding a unique visual flavor and narrating a distinct facet of the story. From Full-cover Artwork, Split Covers, Wraparound Covers, Gatefold Covers, Holo-chrome Cover to Variant Covers, the array is diverse.

  • Full-cover artwork exhibits a single illustration from edge to edge on the front cover.
  • Split Covers split the cover image into panels, featuring distinct characters or scenes.
  • Wraparound Covers extend the artwork beyond the front cover, even incorporating the back.
  • Gatefold Covers open up to reveal a bigger and more detailed scene.
  • Holo-chrome Covers or foil covers, use shiny, reflective material for an alluring effect.
  • Variant Covers are unique renditions of the traditional cover and are published in limited quantities.
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Blank Comic Covers: The Sketch Cover

Among these diverse types, one stands as a canvas for artists- the Sketch Cover. Also known as the Blank Comic Cover, it’s a space for artists to chalk out custom illustrations. Many times, these Blank Covers are released as special editions or variant covers, displaying a variety of characters and artistic styles.

Benefits of Sketch Covers

Blank Comic Covers provide a robust bridge between fans and creators, nurturing strong relationships. They often become powerful tools for artists to connect with their fans and acknowledge their support. Here are a few significant advantages of Sketch Covers:

  • It is a direct interaction between fan and creator, enhancing fan engagement and loyalty.
  • Artists can create custom comic book art on Sketch Covers during conventions or trade shows, promoting their work and generating widespread interest.
  • Publishers can also benefit from sketch covers by tapping into the collector’s market and creating a sense of exclusivity and rarity.
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In conclusion, Blank Comic Covers or Sketch Covers offer artistic expression and economic benefits within the comic industry. They provide a platform for artists and fans to connect, contributing to the overall comic book community’s growth and momentum. Whether you’re a comic book artist, a publisher, or an ardent fan, the blank comic book cover can be a delightful part of your comic book journey.

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