What are the Trigger Warnings Associated with Credence?

Understanding trigger warnings plays a crucial role when one decides to delve into certain pieces of literature. In particular, the 2020 bestseller, “Credence” by Penelope Douglas has a number of elements that readers should be made aware of beforehand.

Overview of Credence

“Credence” is a taboo romance that presents a variety of psychologically challenging themes. It revolves around the life of Tiernan de Haas, a teenager who seeks solace with her father’s stepbrother and his two sons following the sudden demise of her parents. Thus, setting the premise for an intense and dark narrative exploring themes of isolation, relationships, and difficult decisions.

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An Array of Trigger Warnings

Here’s a rundown of the noteworthy triggers contained within the pages of “Credence”:

    • Misogynistic Behavior: The narrative contains instances of discriminatory behaviors and attitudes towards women, which might be uncomfortable to some readers.
    • Power Imbalance: As Tiernan shares her living space with three male characters, issues related to dominance and control are inevitable.
    • Group Sex & Sexual Violence: Explicit content forms part of the story. Acts of sexual violence are evident, including scenes of dubious consent, which might be unsettling for many readers.
    • Suicide & Self Harm: Characters grapple with deep emotional distress leading to self-harm and mentions of suicide.
    • Child Neglect & Domestic Abuse: The protagonist’s past unveils instances of child neglect. Elements of domestic abuse also weave into the story.
    • Sexual Harassment & BDSM: Additional sexual elements such as harassment and bondage (BDSM) are present.
    • Incestual Undertones: Some readers might find the relationships between characters triggering due to the step-relative dynamics.

Proceeding with Caution

Although “Credence” offers an engaging storyline and skillful character development, potential readers are strongly encouraged to consider their comfort levels with such triggers. It’s important to understand that this standalone romance isn’t for everyone. The depicted situations are quite intense and push the boundaries of what one may be comfortable reading.

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Whether you decide to read “Credence” or not should hinge on your assessment of these potential trigger warnings and your capacity to handle the content. Literature should be a source of enjoyment and escape. Therefore, always prioritize your mental and emotional well-being when choosing a book, even one as popular and lauded as “Credence”.

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