What are the Trigger Warnings in the Novel ‘Love and Other Words’?

Understanding the trigger warnings in the novel “Love and Other Words” by Christina Lauren can help potential readers to make an informed decision before reading. This guide compiles the necessary information to help in this decision-making process.

Overview of Trigger Warnings

Below are the key trigger warnings that have been identified throughout the book:

    • Death of Parents: The protagonist deals with the loss of a parent, which is a central theme throughout the story.
    • Car Accident: Scenes involving a car accident are mentioned in the book.
    • Illness and Sick Children: As one of the main characters is a medical professional, the narrative often includes dealing with sick children and illnesses.
    • Rape and Infidelity: There are plot elements that involve non-consensual sex and perceived infidelity.
    • Talk of Grief: Several parts of the plot deal directly with grief and loss, presenting intense emotional scenes.
    • Alcohol Use: Consumption of alcohol is portrayed in certain scenes.
    • Scenes of a Sexual Nature: Explicit sexual scenes are sprinkled throughout the narrative.
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Nuances of Other Potentially Tricky Subjects

While less explicit than the trigger warnings, there are also topics that may discomfort certain readers:

    • Tense Emotional Angst: The narrative involves considerable emotional turmoil, sometimes leading to intense scenes of angst.
    • Emotionally Tepid Routine: The main character often suppresses emotions for routine work, which could be triggering for some.
    • Bitterness, Loss, and Heartbreak: The narrative deals with life’s ebbs and flows, dealing with concepts of disappointment and heartbreak.


Understanding these trigger warnings when deciding whether to read “Love and Other Words” can be helpful to potential readers. Being aware of these elements enables a more conscious, informed, and enjoyable reading experience.

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