What Triggers the Events in The Ritual Book?

The Ritual is a content-rich book that poses a unique reading experience. However, it’s crucial to preemptively highlight the various triggers present within this narrative to ensure readers are mentally and emotionally prepared.

Graphic and Sexual Violence

One of the prominent triggers in this book is graphic violence. The narrative doesn’t shy away from depicting violent scenarios. Murder, assault, torture, and scenes involving guns and knives are described in extensive detail.

Other triggers, often relating to sexual situations, include depiction of non-consensual sex, sexual assault, rape, forced nudity and forced sexual fantasies. There are also scenes involving manipulation of birth control without consent.

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Improper BDSM Practices

While BDSM practices can form part of a consensual sexual relationship in many narratives, in this book, they are often portrayed without proper consent or safety measures. This includes breath play, bondage, degradation, humiliation, forced orgasm denial, as well as other forms of bodily control and domination.

Disturbing Themes

The Ritual also contains themes that might be disturbing for some readers, such as stalking, harassment, sex trafficking and kidnapping. It covers drug and alcohol use in a casual and nonchalant way, which may be unsettling for some. There’s also a significant focus on physical and mental torture, along with elements of cult activity.

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Depictions of Death

The book includes explicit depictions of death, with varied scenarios of murder and suicide. On certain occasions, the narrative delves into graphic descriptions of a dead body, enhancing the unnerving and chilling ambiance of the story.

Triggering Emotional Contexts

The book dives deep into emotional contexts that can be quite triggering for some. These include bouts of claustrophobia, imminent fear, grief over a miscarriage, and the psychological impact of forced proximity. These emotional triggers significantly add to the intensity of the narrative.

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While The Ritual is indeed a unique reading experience, it is a book that could potentially trigger stress and discomfort for readers due to its various explicit scenes and themes. Thus, it’s essential to be cognizant of what the book entails before delving into it. Always prioritize your mental and emotional wellness when choosing a book as graphic and intense as The Ritual. Understanding the potential triggers beforehand will ensure a reading experience that respects individual comfort and safety.

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