What English Word Contains Three Pairs of Consecutive Letters?

English language, beloved and bewildering, offers its users a vast array of words and peculiarities. One intriguing fact revolves around the search for an English word with three pairs of consecutive letters.

Understanding Consecutive Letters

Before diving into the heart of the matter, it could be helpful to clarify what we mean by ‘consecutive letters’. Here, ‘consecutive letters’ refer to two identical letters that follow each other in a word, also known as a double letter. Therefore, we are looking for a word that contains three sets of such pairs in a row.

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The Awaited Word

The most commonly cited, undisputed word that showcases this rare quality is the term ‘bookkeeper’. In ‘bookkeeper’, you find three pairs of consecutive letters: ‘oo’, ‘kk’, and ‘ee’.

Variations of the Principal Word

There are variations and related words to ‘bookkeeper’ that exhibit the same quality. These include words like ‘bookkeeping’ or even the compound word ‘subbookkeeper’, which fascinatingly houses four pairs of consecutive letters, making it a unique specimen in the English language.

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Three Consecutive Double Letters – Anomalies or Authentic?

During your quest, you might come across words that contain three consecutive double letters yet aren’t regularly used or accepted in standard English. Examples could be compound words or highly context-specific terms, like ‘beettool’, ‘raccoonnookkeeper’, ‘flooddoorroommeet’.

Near-Misses and Loopholes

Other keywords revolve closely around offering three consecutive pairs, like ‘committee’, ‘flooddoor’, ‘feeeddoor’, and ‘wooddeer’, or even playful linguistic inventions exploiting loopholes such as ‘glowworm’, denoting ‘w’ as a double ‘u’.

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The Triple Contact Controversy

You might also stumble upon repeated claims that English language rules do not allow tripling of letters and often hyphenate them, such as ‘bee-eater’. While this is true for conventional English, there are exceptions and onomatopoeic noises used in writing like ‘brrr’, ‘zzz’ or ‘shhh’.


The fascinating depths of language make for thrilling treasure hunts like these. In this case, your quest for an English word with three pairs of consecutive letters lands you primarily with ‘bookkeeper’ and its variations. Yet, in the expansive territories of English, anomalies, near-misses, and creative exceptions make the adventure interesting, reminding us that language grows not just by rules but also by usage and innovation.

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