What Was Tantai Jin’s Ultimate Fate? A Look Into What Happened

For those who have been captivated by the alluring world of “Till the End of the Moon”, the journey of Tantai Jin might raise questions and curiosity. This guide is intended to navigate through this remarkable character’s path, specifically focusing on how his story concludes.

The Storyline of Tantai Jin

Tantai Jin, originally the prince of Jing state, experiences a burdensome younger life full of physical and emotional abuse. A significant turning point in his life comes when he enters into a marital union with General Ye’s daughter, Ye XiWu, and becomes son-in-law to the general.

Significantly, his story unfolds across two different timelines – one in the past as the prince of Jing state, and the other 500 years later when he unexpectedly washes ashore where he is taken in by Master Zhaoyou to join the Xiaoyao Sect.

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Character Arc and Transformation

500 years later, Tantai Jin is portrayed not just as a regular mortal but as the fated Devil God, who is destined to bring destruction to the world. Despite this, he exhibits growth and transformation by learning critical values of honesty, loyalty, and the concept of destiny under the mentorship of Master Zhaoyou.

  • Under the alias Cang Jiumin, Tantai Jin learns truths about himself and the power of decision-making in shaping his own destiny.
  • Next, as Mingye in the Wise and Fleeting Life dream, Tantai Jin visualizes himself as the God of War, responsible for the world’s protection.

The Struggles of Tantai Jin

Amid his journey, Tantai Jin is not without battles. A major blow to his life comes with the loss of his beloved, Ye Xiwu. Under the influence of this heartbreak, he relinquishes his position as an Emperor and sets off on a quest to find her soul, a journey that persists over 500 years.

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Reunion and Love

With anticipation, Tantai Jin’s story paints a romantic picture of reunion and love. His journey leads him back to Li Susu, the reincarnation of his beloved, Ye Xiwu. He grapples with the struggle to win back her heart and tries to fend off his impending fate of becoming the Devil God.


The conclusion of “Till the End of The Moon” present an open interpretation of events. The narrative indicates Tantai Jin’s self-sacrifice which restores peace across realms. Notably, the storyline also includes hints about a potential reincarnation or rebirth.

A ray of hope is present in the birth of Tantai Jin’s daughter, while Li Susu unwavers in her faith in Tantai Jin’s return. Moreover, the story ends with scenes suggesting a future reunion of Li Susu and Tantai Jin, encouraging hope of love’s triumph over adversities.

Whether the story ends in absolute tragedy or not, it profoundly communicates that love endures, transcending even the harshest adversities. It may have concluded on a heart-wrenching note of sacrifice, but it leaves enough room for hope and possibly a reunion, thus closing the story on a positive note.

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