What Happens When You Undergo Reincarnation – The Damn Truth?

Are you curious about the concept of damn reincarnation? This topic can be quite complex and harder to understand if you’ve not indulged in it before. Here is an easy-to-understand guide on this gripping subject. Let’s embark on this journey into the heart of damn reincarnation.

Concept of Damn Reincarnation

In the context of stories, novels and manhwas, damn reincarnation relates to the protagonist dying and coming back to life, usually with their memory intact. A renowned example is the character Hamel from the web novel and mahwa series written by Mogma. Hamel, a hero, is slain but reincarnates in the future as Eugene Lionheart, part of Vermouth’s descendant line.

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The Heroic Journey

After reincarnation, heroes like Eugene Lionheart, retain their skills and knowledge from the former life, terming this as Superpowerful Genetics. In the case of our reference, Eugene tries to unravel the history in the centuries following his death, the unfulfilled oath of Vermouth, and to uncover what led to his friends’ disappearances.

Unresolved mysteries and unfolding truths

Unraveling past mysteries is a common element in these stories. For instance, Eugene’s journey to uncover the truth of Vermouth’s unfulfilled oath to slay the Demon Lords and, rather, signing a treaty that ensured peace and coexistence between humans and demons.

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Romantic Twists

Romantic elements often serve as a subplot or twist that makes the narrative all the more exciting. Eugene was described as being attracted to Sienna, which turned out to be untrue, causing a ripple in the storyline.

Important Relationships

  • Friendship: Between heroes and their party, like that of Hamel, Vermouth and others in the Five Great Heroes
  • Rivalries: Often occur among heroes and are depicted symbolically. In our reference, Hamel, while he was a master of weaponry, was always challenged by Vermouth.
  • Family Relationships: Within the protagonist’s new life, they usually have family interactions that further enrich the plot. As in Eugene’s case with his step-brother Iode and half-siblings Cyan and Ciel.
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Character Development and Growth

A key part of these stories is the development and growth of the characters. The protagonist often experiences a rapid progression in their skills, like Eugene’s mastery over magic and martial talents from his previous life.


So, the concept of damn reincarnation is not simply about being born again; instead, it’s a rollercoaster of mystery, excitement and growth as the protagonist uncovers truths, battles challenges and develops as a character. It’s no wonder that these narratives are popular, drawing readers into an enriched world of reincarnation!

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