What Happens to Ainz at the End? An In-depth Look

When discussing the fate of Ainz Ooal Gown, it’s hard to ignore the rich amount of intrigue and speculation on these topics. With an intricate and expansive storyline like that featured in the Overlord series, interpreting future outcomes can be a challenging yet rewarding task.

The Final Showdown Scenario

An entertaining theory that’s been woven among fans is the prospect of Ainz facing overpoweringly strong opponents, players on par with the formidable TouchMe. However, specific details regarding Ainz’s strategies and thought processes make this a less likely path.

  • Ainz’s characteristic paranoia and strategic mentality play a pivotal role in his encounters. Far from rushing into unknown circumstances, Ainz employs thorough preparation and escape plans.
  • This supreme being doesn’t hold back on leveraging Nazarick’s hierarchies for strategic gain, even if it means a less ‘honorable’ victory.
  • The vast power disparity that Nazarick holds over the New World further dissuades threats that could potentially harm Ainz.
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Potential Internal Discord Scenario

There’s also mention of potential threats within Nazarick itself. Conspiracies about Albedo’s eccentric behavior brewing trouble, and scenarios where Ainz’s death triggers the unveiling of Pandora’s Actor as an Ainz impersonator.

The Doomsday Scenario

Should Ainz meet an untimely end, there’s a stark image of Nazarick not simply stopping at world domination but turning the New World into a gigantic tomb. A frightening representation of fury that would include legions of undead, endless demons, and supreme Guardians at its full destructive potential.

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An Eternal Existence

Resurrection remains a prominent aspect of discussion. With Ainz’s incredible powers, his existence seems nearly impossible to eliminate. Whether using his vast wealth or the True Resurrection Wand, the ability to resurrect himself leaves minimal room for his permanent departure.


While the end of Ainz Ooal Gown remains shrouded in mystery and prediction, the narrative of Overlord ensures that his character’s fate is bound to be intriguing. Despite the exciting theories, Ainz’s strategic mindset, immense powers, and influential support system in Nazarick hint at a gripping storyline that doesn’t seem to end in despair.

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