What Makes a Good Song Title?

Deciding on a good song title is a significant step in the songwriting process. The title can direct the song’s narrative, capture a striking line, and leave a lasting impression on the listener.

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Understanding the Power of a Song Title

A song title is often a highlighted line in the song, usually found in the chorus. It’s the line that listeners remember long after the song concludes. The best song titles encapsulate the song’s essence, eliciting emotions, evoking imagery, and encouraging listeners to play the song again.

Keeping It Short and Memorable

A good song title is concise and easy to remember. Brief titles like “Roar” or “Wrecking Ball” are catchy and easy to recall. While a longer title can work if it’s a familiar phrase, as a rule of thumb, it’s wise to keep your title to five words or less.

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Making a Statement with Your Title

If you want to catch a listener’s attention, consider crafting a title that makes a strong statement. A title like Nickelback’s “Gotta Be Somebody” implies a sense of urgency and weight, providing an emotional hook for the listeners.

Creating an Intriguing Image

Another strategy is to utilize strong, visual language in your song title. Titles like “Mud On the Tires” or “Hold Back the River” provide powerful images that add an emotional energy to your song. Choose a title that creates expectations for your listeners and matches the song’s vibe.

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Utilizing Active Phrasing

Instead of a static title, try phrasing it more actively. For example, instead of “I Love You,” a more vibrant phrasing could be “Throw My Arms Around You.” This presents intriguing questions for the listener, giving your lyrics space to answer.

Creating A Unique Title

In a sea of songs, make sure your title stands out. Don’t shy away from using unique phrases, dramatic imagery, or action words. Look for inspiration in everyday conversations, news headlines, or movie dialogue.

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A song title is not merely a label but a powerful tool in connecting with listeners. When chosen correctly, it can encapsulate your song’s heart and soul, spark interest, evoke emotions, and etch a memory in the minds of your listeners.

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