What is Celebration of Life Wording? Here’s an Example

When a loved one passes, celebrating their life becomes an important part of the healing process. A celebration of life service focuses on honoring the departed’s personality, passions, and legacy. This guide provides insights on how to word a celebration of life invitation and pays tribute to the memory of a unique life lived.

Understanding a Celebration of Life

Unlike traditional funerals, a celebration of life usually occurs weeks or months after the departure of a loved one, with the focus on remembering and appreciating their life. This celebration can be as large or intimate as you wish, and the venue can vary from a hotel ballroom to a public park or ocean for a paddle-out ceremony.

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Invitations: Who to Invite?

When trying to decide on the invitees, consider inviting close family members, extended family, friends who significantly impacted the departed’s life, acquaintances such as club members, neighbors, and work colleagues.

Content of the Invitation

The wording of the celebration of life invitation should reflect the deceased’s unique style and personality. Be sure to include the deceased’s name, memorial dates, time and location of the event, dress code, if necessary, and information about food and drinks. You could also request the guests to bring a contribution like their favorite dish or beverage to share.

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Examples of Celebration of Life Wording

The wording should be simple, positive, and can be more lighthearted than funeral announcements. Here are a few examples:

1. “Join us as we gather to honor the incredible life of (name of the departed). Although our hearts are heavy, let’s commemorate their vibrant spirit, cherish our shared memories, and draw solace from one another.”

2. “Dear family and friends, come help us honor and celebrate the amazing life of (name of the departed). Their joy and contagious laughter will forever remain with us.

Let’s get together to share our favorite memories, stories, and a few light snacks.”.

Considerations for a Eulogy or Speech

If you decide to share a few words or deliver a eulogy, here are a few tips to consider:

  • Start by acknowledging everyone present.
  • Mention your relationship with the deceased.
  • Highlight the unique qualities that made the deceased special.
  • Share memorable experiences.
  • Include a poem, quote, or song lyric that encapsulates the deceased’s essence.
  • If applicable, share something the deceased taught you.
  • End with sharing your wishes for friends and family present and how everyone can honor the deceased’s memory.
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The importance of a celebration of life service lies in the beautiful opportunity it provides to remember and honor a life well lived. It encourages the sharing of cherished memories and humorous anecdotes captured, and reminds us that while sadness may exist, the joy brought to our lives by our loved ones is everlasting. So, it’s best to focus on the joy, laughter, and love the departed shared during their lifetime, because after all, this is a celebration of their life.

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