Exploring Alternative Words for ‘Also’ in Essay Writing

In the realm of writing, variety adds color to your work. Specifically, in academic or essay writing, differentiating your language can make your piece more engaging and pleasurable to read. A common connector used in writing is the word “also”.

A simple, yet effective tool in joining thoughts and ideas. However, using it repeatedly can render your work monotonous. Thankfully, there are a number of alternatives to ‘also’ that you can use.

Synonyms for ‘Also’

  • ‘Besides’ can be used when you want to introduce something additional to what has already been mentioned.
  • ‘Furthermore’ is used when you’re adding information that expands upon the already given data or argument.
  • If you wish to add information that not only adds but strengthens the point you’ve already mentioned, ‘moreover’ is a good choice.
  • ‘Additionally’ is an alternative you might use in formal writing, like an academic paper or a business report where clarity and precision are valued.
  • For casual or less formal contexts, ‘too’ and ‘as well’ are acceptable and commonly used alternatives.
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Contextual Usage

Remember, these synonyms might not be exactly interchangeable in all contexts; the structure of your sentence or the idea you want to convey will often determine what synonym is best to use. For instance:

  • The word ‘further’ or ‘furthermore’ is robust and is commonly seen in academic or formal writing to introduce a point that extends the argument.
  • The term ‘as well’ can be seen as a little less formal and is commonly used at the end of the statement stringing two ideas together. It can replace also in contexts like “I like green apples. I like red ones as well.”
  • Terms like ‘in addition to’, ‘plus’, ‘moreover’ are also used to signify and emphasize a building argument or set of observations.
  • Alternatively, ‘likewise’ and ‘similarly’ are helpful when drawing comparisons.

Variety is Key

While the word ‘also’ is indeed useful and versatile, too much of its usage might render your text repetitive. To keep your readers engaged, rotating between its alternatives will make your composition more lively and engaging. Do note, however, that excessively lofty synonyms can sometimes detract from the readability of your piece.

It’s all about striking the right balance.

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All in all, word variety is a crucial tool in enhancing your writing, regardless of whether you’re writing an academic essay, a blog post, or even a casual email. Balance these synonyms wisely, and every piece you write will be a captivating journey for your readers. Remember, the key to effective writing is not always about using big words but rather, it’s about using the right words at the right time. Keep your audience and your tone in mind, and you can’t go wrong.

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