Who is Ruth in the Story ‘Under the Oak Tree’?

Welcome to this guide! You probably ended up here because of your curiosity about the intriguing character Ruth from the popular narrative, Under the Oak Tree. Whether you’re new to the series or just need a refresher, this guide provides a comprehensive overview of Ruth’s identity, character traits, abilities, and his meaning within the narrative.

Who is Ruth?

Ruth is a pivotal character in the series. He is distinguished as a wizard with unique qualities. Ruth is described as an average-sized man featuring straight silver hair and shimmering grey eyes with blue around the iris.

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Character traits

Ruth is characterized by his crude and rash personality. His forthright demeanor might come across as jarring, but it masks a deeply caring nature, particularly when it concerns others, especially the Calypses. Furthermore, despite his brusque nature, he maintains a soft spot for the protagonist, Maximilian.

Ruth’s Abilities

As a wizard, Ruth possesses outstanding mastery over his mana, a testament to his lineage which traced back to an ancestor who was an elf. This superior control over his mana allows him to perform a variety of tasks, like putting Wyverns to sleep during missions or even managing the estate’s finances.

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Ruth’s role in Under the Oak Tree

Ruth is not just a supporting character but also a provider of strength and guidance. From teaching Maximilian about finances to helping her control mana, Ruth comes across as a reliable figure who steps in when necessary. His well-rounded persona enables him to leave a significant impact within the narrative.


To summarize, Ruth from Under the Oak Tree is a complex yet fascinating character with multifaceted talents and personality. His unique blend of crudeness and kindness, coupled with his formidable magical skills, makes him an essential part of the narrative. Whether you’re starting your journey with Under the Oak Tree or reacquainting yourself with the series, we hope this guide proves beneficial in understanding Ruth.

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