Exploring the Age Difference Between Cress and Thorne: What is It?

Looking to unravel the mysteries around your favorite literary characters? In The Lunar Chronicles series by Marissa Meyer, understanding the intricate relationships between the characters can add depth to your reading experience. This includes discerning the age difference between two captivating characters, Cress and Thorne.

Character Profiles

Before diving into their age difference, let’s briefly explore who these characters are:

  • Crescent Moon Darnel, or “Cress”: Cress is a 16-year-old girl introduced in the third installment of the series. She is a Lunar girl, imprisoned in a satellite orbiting Earth, where she serves as Queen Levana’s programmer and hacker.
  • Carswell Thorne: Thorne is an American Republic citizen touted as a roguish anti-hero. He has committed several crimes, the last of which was a jailbreak with Cinder in the prior novel, “Scarlet”.
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Age Difference

While the books don’t explicitly state Thorne’s age, his character is generally perceived to be in his early twenties, likely around 20-22 years old. This leads us to conclude that the age difference between Cress and Thorne is approximately 4-6 years.

Storyline Context

Although the age difference might seem inconsequential, it has implications on the storyline and character interactions. Cress, having lived a sheltered life, tends to view Thorne through a lens of naive admiration. In contrast, Thorne, having experienced more of life’s trials, is portrayed as guarded and leery of vulnerability.

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Understanding character specifics such as the age difference between Cress and Thorne can enhance your appreciation of the narrative. This age difference contributes to their dynamic, creating a poignant context for their interactions. As you continue your journey through The Lunar Chronicles, keep these unique character attributes in mind to enrich your reading experience.

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