What is the Alt Code for the Pi Symbol?

This guide will help you to understand how to insert the Pi symbol (π) into your texts. Whether you are a mathematician, a student, or passionate about writing, knowing how to insert symbols using Alt codes can significantly enhance your efficiency. In this case, we are focused on the Greek letter Pi which plays a significant role in mathematics, notably in geometry and trigonometry.

Using Alt Codes on Windows

One of the methods to insert the Pi symbol into your texts on a Windows system is by using Alt Codes. The Pi symbol’s Alt code is Alt + 227 or Alt + 960. To use these codes, ensure your Num lock is enabled, hold down the ‘Alt’ key, and then type the code using the numeric keypad before releasing the Alt key.

This method will insert the Pi symbol into your active text field.

  • For Alt + 227, hold down ‘Alt’, type ‘227’ on the numeric keypad, then release ‘Alt’.
  • For Alt + 960, hold down ‘Alt’, type ‘960’ on the numeric keypad, then release ‘Alt’.
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Using Alt Codes on Mac

While Alt codes aren’t natively available on a Mac, the process to insert a Pi symbol is still straightforward. Hold down the ‘Option’ key and press the ‘P’ key simultaneously. This action inserts a Pi symbol at your cursor’s current position in your active text field.

From Symbol Library

Another method to insert the Pi symbol is by using the in-application symbol library found in many text-editing applications like Microsoft Word. These libraries contain a vast array of symbols, including the Pi symbol.

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Different Fonts and Unicode

It’s important to also note that the Pi symbol can vary slightly depending on the font you are using. Unicode supports several versions of the Pie symbol, each with a specific use case. Some are used for mathematical and scientific work, while others are used for text written in the Greek language.


Adding the Pi symbol into your texts can be done in a few simple steps regardless of the operating system or text-editing application you are using. It is all a matter of remembering the right keys to press or knowing where to locate the symbol in your application’s library. With this guide, inserting the Pi symbol is as easy as pie!

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