Identifying the Genre of ‘Begin Again’ by Emma Lord: What is it?

Understanding the genre of a book is crucial to knowing if it’s your cup of tea. In the case of “Begin Again” by Emma Lord, let’s dive into comprehending its category and elements.

General Overview

First and foremost, “Begin Again” is a Young Adult Novel. The narrative revolves around the central character Andie Rose, who embarks on a journey of embracing changes and finding her own path in life.

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Genre Definition

  • The slew of themes and elements embedded in the storyline categorize the novel as Young Adult Romantic Comedy.
  • This genre is imbued with elements of humor and love story, intertwined with the struggles and triumphs peculiar to the teenage years.

Genre Elements in the Novel

  • “Begin Again” is classified as a coming of age novel. It showcases Andie Rose’s evolution from a young woman with a planned path to someone learning to adapt to unexpected turns in life.
  • The story also has a romantic undertone where Andie’s relationship with her boyfriend Connor and her charming resident advisor, Milo, add both complexity and wit to the narrative.
  • The humor in the book is evident through the dialogue and situations which lighten up otherwise intense themes like self-discovery, disruption of plans, and navigation through life changes.
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Sub-Genre Features

  • An additional layer to the genre categorization is its psychological aspect. Andie’s quest to major in psychology and her desire to become a self-help figure adds a depth to her character and the narrative.
  • The story goes beyond the romantic comedy genre by introducing an interesting sub-plot related to a pirate radio station, adding a tinge of mystery and intrigue to the story.


Summing up, for readers asking “What is the genre of Begin Again by Emma Lord?”– the novel is an engaging blend of Young Adult, Romantic Comedy and Coming-of-Age genres. It promises a journey filled with laughs, love and self-discovery, rendering it a perfect choice for those in love with light-hearted romance and endearing protagonists navigating through the roller-coaster ride called life.

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