What is the Preferred Strategy for Writing an SCR?

A Situation-Complication-Resolution (SCR) is a powerful and efficient method often used in business and analytical writings. Its simplicity and clarity make it indispensable in shaping a compelling narrative out of complex issues, facilitating a more effective communication of ideas and actions.

Understanding SCR

To use the SCR framework, it’s crucial to understand the integral elements that form the structure – the Situation, the Complication, and the Resolution.

    • Situation: This is a factual state of current affairs that sets the context for your argument. Everyone agrees with this situation.
    • Complication: This part shows the challenges within the situation that require immediate action. These complications form the core of your argument and the reason why a decision needs to be made.
    • Resolution: The resolution is the proposed solution for the complications identified. It closes your argument by clearly stating the action you recommend to resolve the issue at hand.
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Using SCR

The SCR framework is not just for business rationale, but can be tailored to specific circumstances where a clear, logical argument needs to be presented. Here are a few key points to keep in mind when developing an SCR:

    • Statement Everyone Agrees With: Ensure that the initial situation resonates with everyone and forms a solid base for your argument.
    • Use the Rule of Three: Humans are inclined to understand patterns, and using three complications can make your argument more coherent and effective. Remember, the number of complications can adjust according to your needs, but three often works best.
    • Create a Healthy Tension: Your complications should generate a healthy tension that compels stakeholders to take action.
    • Support each complication: Before introducing a new complication, fully support your existing one with data and evidence.

A SCR Example

For instance, considering the organizational goal to develop a modern approach to Employee Experience:

    • Situation: The goal is to modernize the Employee Experience.
    • Complication 1: Current goal of reducing operational expenses by 8% for the fiscal year.
    • Complication 2: Two-thirds of employees spend less than 10 seconds on average using the digital tools provided.
    • Complication 3: Employee satisfaction rate for the digital tools is 37%.
    • Resolution: Prioritize rapid development and adoption of a design system to meet cost-saving goals, increase usage, and overall satisfaction within the digital tools.
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The SCR framework, owing to its straightforward and flexible structure, allows you to effectively communicate complex ideas. By creating clear, compelling narratives, you can influence decisions, lead initiatives, and persuade stakeholders. Understanding and using SCR provides a strategic advantage in professional spaces where clear, concise communication is key.

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