What is the Intriguing Plot of ‘Humanity Lost’ Graphic Novel?

In the captivating graphic novel Humanity Lost, the usual concepts of humanity and identity undergo a drastic transformation. This seminal tale focuses on the heated conflict between humanity and an alien coalition, known as the Conglomerate.

The Setting

The graphic novel is set in a world where humanity isn’t quite what it used to be. On the accustomed brink of eradication by the Conglomerate, humanity has turned to an unusual solution. This once-familiar society has transferred its existence over to a God-like AI. This intelligent entity undertakes the frightening task of reshaping humanity into genetic abominations, utilizing biotech and living ships.

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Humanity’s Change

  • The god-like AI creates biotech power armors and war machines that effectively emulate the successful morphology of insects.
  • The humans—or what’s left of them—now navigate the cosmos in living ships named Kraken, known to obliterate worlds with their fierce bombardment.
  • A world claimed by these modified beings is turned into a womb-world, creating more troops for humanity’s fight against the Conglomerate. Each victory leads to more territory claimed and the continuous cycle of life and war.

Machinery or Meat?

The novel brings a unique perspective on the recurring trope of AI overlords. Rather than going the traditional route of AI dominance through robotic drones or machinery, the entity in Humanity Lost uses existing humans, reshaping them into living tools for fulfilling its needs. Essentially, humanity is used like meat puppets, serving the AI’s different purposes.

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Visual Appeal

An integral part of this novel’s appeal lies in its distinctive art, highlighting the grotesque beauty of the modified humans and their strange reality. Notably, the cover art quickly establishes the tone of the narrative, presenting the AI humanity surrendered to, coupled with the graphic and stark impression of organic ships and biotech power armors.

Comparative Analysis

A notable comparison can be made with another linked universe in literature called All Tomorrow’s, which also involves transforming humans through external forces, making for an interesting read for anyone who enjoys exploring the concept of humanity in non-conventional, biological dimensions.

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The Humanity Lost graphic novel is an enveloping journey into a different interpretation of humanity and its survival tricks in the face of extinction. It challenges standard definitions by combining elements of biological transformation, cosmic warfare, and AI dominance to offer a thrilling, thought-provoking narrative. It is strongly recommended for anyone who enjoys exploring these themes in graphic novels.

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