Unveiling the Story: What is the Haalim Novel About?

Haalim, an intriguing novel by the well-known Urdu author Nemrah Ahmed. Meaning ‘Dreamer’ in Arabic, the novel stands out through its unique amalgamation of fantasy, politics, and elements of time-travel into a typically romance-oriented Urdu literature scene.

The Novel

Haalim revolves around dream interpretation and the intriguing concept of time travel. Set primarily in Malaysia and the historical Malaka, the narrative intertwines the lives of its central characters – Fateh, Taalia, and Adam – against the backdrop of political maneuvers.

Fateh is an aspiring politician, eager to change the political landscape of Malaysia, Taalia is a con artist with various identities, and Adam, a man struggling with self-esteem issues. These characters, despite their differences, share entwined storylines and evolve through their personal growth throughout the novel.

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Politics and Humanity

The novel portrays an almost lyrical depiction of political undertones and the struggles of ordinary people. It elaborates on the concept of growth experienced through pain, rejection, and self-doubt – everyday human experiences that the characters in Haalim navigate through.

Time Travel

Haalim’s distinguishing feature lies in its exploration of time travel. It is a recurring theme in the book, with the characters constantly journeying back and forth through time. Each journey presents its set of problems and narratives, often disconnected from the previous sequences, leading to a complex plot structure.

Yet, it is this constant interplay of the past and present that adds to the book’s uniqueness.

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Engaging Characters

Haalim’s characters are another interesting element in the novel. With shifting alliances, evolving personalities, and their interplay with time, the characters consistently maintain the readers’ interest throughout the novel.


In essence, Haalim is an intricate tapestry of fantasy and reality, woven seamlessly through the use of time travel, political plots, and evolving characters. This novel offers readers an experience beyond the realms of traditional Urdu literature, serving a context-rich narrative populated with well-rounded characters navigating through complex political and personal scenarios. Provided is a unique reading experience that merges the richness of Urdu language with elements of fantasy, a venture into unfamiliar terrains in Urdu literature. Whether you’re a fan of time-travel narratives or political thrillers, Haalim is indeed a delightful read!

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