What Happens After Leaving the Country Post-Divorce?

Moving on after a divorce can be a daunting challenge, especially when it implicates leaving the country to start afresh. This guide explores diverse scenarios and offers advice centered on navigating through such a significant change.

Understanding your Story

Every story regarding post-divorce emigration is distinct and personal. You might be facing a situation similar to Roxanne, who after enduring a loveless marriage and eventually a heart-breaking divorce, decided to leave her home country. The primary objective was to advance her career and to rebuild her life.

Such circumstances demand a considerable shift in personal and professional lives.

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Handle Legalities

Make sure to be thorough with your marriage dissolution decree and related documents. These documents usually contain rules about:

  • How far you can travel with joint children
  • Date restrictions for the travels
  • Advance notice requirements to your ex
  • Permission necessities from your ex for traveling with joint children

Especially in cases of leaving the country, there will be additional requirements. You might need court permission and must abide by the U.S.

Department of State requirements for obtaining your child’s passport.

Dealing with Emotions

Separation and its aftermath often generate a surge of emotions, leading to stress and heartache. Post-divorce sadness is a natural emotion and it is vital to recognize and channel these emotions healthily. Acknowledge your pain, join support groups, indulge in self-care and do not resort to self-medication to numb the pain.

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Financial Considerations

It is usual for women to face financial instability post-divorce due to diverse factors, including:

  • Giving up jobs or reducing working hours to care for children
  • Working in lower paying jobs with fewer opportunities
  • Lack of access to financial resources such as property, savings, and investments

It’s crucial to have your financial interests protected during the divorce process.

Rediscover Yourself

Divorce could be a time for self-discovery and rebuilding. Take up hobbies or interests that you couldn’t pursue during your marriage. Adopt a healthier lifestyle, master a new skill or simply indulge in activities that make you feel most alive.


Help and Support

Do not hesitate to seek help. Therapists can help you recover from emotional distress while an experienced divorce attorney can safeguard your financial interests. Engaging with supportive networks can aid in dealing with the emotional and practical challenges of divorce.


Divorce and subsequently leaving the country can be a tumultuous journey. Navigating through the legal, financial, and emotional demands of such situations requires resilience and support. With the right perspectives and resources, it’s possible to emerge stronger and start a new chapter of life. Remember, at times, such life-changing events may appear overwhelming; but with time, they render us stronger and equip us with invaluable experiences.

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