What Is the Untold Story of ‘Something I Never Told You’?

The query “What is the story of something I never told you?” often leads to two principle subjects: Celeste Ng’s novel “Everything I Never Told You”, and Shravya Bhinder’s book “Something I Never Told You”. These two quite distinct narratives dive into the complexities of human relationships.

Everything I Never Told You by Celeste Ng

Set in the 1970s, “Everything I Never Told You” is a poignant narrative that explores a mixed-race family’s dynamics and the effects of unfulfilled dreams, cultural expectations, and the quest for acceptance. This book introduces us to the Lee family grappling with their middle child, Lydia’s, sudden and mysterious death. The family dynamics and the unspoken truths of a seemingly perfect family are expertly laid bare.

One significant aspect of this story is:

  • The characters’ identity struggles and the deep-rooted expectations burden them.

Celeste Ng is an award-winning author recognized for insightful exploration of family dynamics, which is apparent in her debut novel “Everything I Never Told You.”

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Something I Never Told You by Shravya Bhinder

“Something I Never Told You” is a love story of Ronnie and Adira. Ronnie, a sincere and straightforward man, falls for his first crush Adira, who reciprocates his love. However, as they grow comfortable with each other, they start taking each other for granted.

Their love story reveals the ups and downs of a romantic relationship. The story masterfully explores love, anger management, and the effects of taking loved ones for granted.

Some key takeaways from this story are:

  • The importance of expressing love and understanding for your loved ones.
  • Navigating the emotional baggage and the beautiful moments in love.
  • An exposition on humanity, trust, and life values.

Shravya Bhinder, the author of “Something I Never Told You,” is lauded for her beautiful depiction of a romantic tale and realistic characters.


For those searching for “the story of something I never told you,” it can potentially lead to two compelling and emotionally-charged narratives – each with its distinct flavor. Ng’s novel paints a portrait of a troubled family, while Bhinder’s story explores a heartfelt romantic relationship. Both books offer an exploration into the concept of unspoken truths and are compelling reads for anyone seeking to get lost in the pages of heartfelt narratives. Understanding our emotions, relationships, and managing life’s ups and downs are lessons we all need at different points in our lives. The beauty of literature is that it offers this knowledge wrapped in engaging stories, just like “Everything I Never Told You” and “Something I Never Told You.”

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