What is the Detailed Summary of ‘House of Cards’ by Sudha Murthy?

The House of Cards is a phenomenal novel by Indian author Sudha Murthy. It narrates the captivating and insightful story of Mridula, a straightforward and contented woman residing in North Karnataka, and Sanjay, an ambitious and hardworking man who later becomes corrupt due to his obsession with wealth and societal status. This blog post aims to provide you with a reliable summary and analysis of this exemplary work.

The Story

The novel House of Cards establishes its foundation on the premise of contrasting values, primarily simplicity and humility against greed and corruption. Our protagonist, Mridula, leads a joyful and satisfied life in her village, Aladahalli. She is known for her inherent simplicity, honesty, and an ever-helpful nature. Things take a significant turn when she marries Sanjay, a sincere and driven doctor working in a government hospital in Bangalore.

  • Mridula’s life is completely transformed as she goes from her peaceful village to the bustling city of Bangalore.
  • Sanjay, who initially admired Mridula’s simplicity, gets consumed by the materialistic world. He turns into a corrupt and greedy man who incessantly chases wealth and societal stature.
  • As time passes, Mridula feels increasingly alienated and distressed due to the drastic transformation of Sanjay.
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The Struggle

Mridula’s life takes a toll as she deals with the hardship of her changing circumstances, and her struggle to bring back the man she fell in love with continues. Sudha Murthy employs her exemplary storytelling to bring this character’s development to life.

  • The transformation of Sanjay into a corrupt man gives birth to a severe inner struggle within Mridula.
  • The simplicity and honesty inherent in her character are constantly tested.
  • Mridula as a character endures a lot of emotional turmoil throughout the narrative.

Message Of The Book

The story of the House of Cards beautifully unfolds various societal issues and conflicts. One of the pivotal messages that Sudha Murthy delivers through this novel is the destructive power of greed and dishonesty. It illustrates how these vices can lead to the downfall of a person’s character and happiness. On the contrary, the story also puts forward the sanctity of simplicity and honesty, showcasing them as virtues that lead to tranquility and contentment.

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The House of Cards by Sudha Murthy provides a deep-rooted lesson to its readers about the immensely destructive power of materialistic greed, contrasted beautifully against the virtues of simplicity and honesty. This riveting narrative tells us that materialistic desires, when unchecked, can lead to the corruption of one’s character and personal downfall. It successfully leaves its readers contemplating their values, making it a must-read for everyone.

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