Exploring the Theme of ‘Sheets’ by Brenna Thummler: What is it?

“Sheet” by Brenna Thummler, is a compelling narrative uniquely blending elements of everyday life with supernatural aspects. With carefully crafted characters, the novel explores the deeper themes of bereavement, resilience, friendship, and forgiveness.

Theme of Bereavement

The story unfolds around the protagonist, Marjorie, a responsible 13-year-old girl who runs the family launderette. Thummler provides a vivid portrayal of bereavement as Marjorie, along with her younger brother and grieving father, grapple with the loss of their mother. The theme of bereavement further extends to Wendell, a young ghost who lost his life prematurely.

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Theme of Resilience

Resilience is another vital theme presented in the novel. Marjorie showcases impressive determination and strength, handling her schooling, the launderette, and home responsibilities. Even in the face of adversities such as unsympathetic customers, school bullies, and the unsettling Mr. Saubertuck – who yearns to dismantle her business – Marjorie stands persistent.

Theme of Friendship

The novel’s theme of friendship is enveloped in the unlikely bond between Marjorie and Wendell – a delightful mix of the human world and afterlife. Their supportive friendship illuminates the darker corners of their individual lives, providing relief and companionship in their solitary struggles.


Theme of Forgiveness

“Sheet” also delves into the theme of forgiveness. Marjorie and Wendell inadvertently cause disruptions in each other’s world, yet they manage to overcome misunderstandings and forge a unique friendship. This narrative strand reinforces the possibilities of second chances and forgiveness in both the human world and the afterlife.


Nestled in an enthralling and artful narrative, “Sheets” by Brenna Thummler unfolds various key themes within a novel setting. Emphasizing bereavement, resilience, friendship, and forgiveness, the book provides a memorable and poignant reading experience. Whether the reader is combing through life challenges or merely seeking an immersive story, “Sheets” extends valuable life lessons wrapped in an engaging plot and unforgettable characters.

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