What Elements Make a Graphic Novel Stand Out?

Understanding what makes a good graphic novel can seem like a daunting task given the wide variety of examples available. However, by breaking it down to the fundamental parts, one can grasp the qualities that define a captivating graphic novel.

Defining a Graphic Novel

A graphic novel is not a genre but a medium, a vessel for telling stories in sequential art form. Unlike regular novels, it integrates both visuals and text to communicate the storyline. Unlike comics and manga, which are often serialized narratives, a graphic novel contains an entire story and reads like a full-length book.

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Key Elements of a Good Graphic Novel

Listed below are the components that play integral roles in the creation of a compelling graphic novel:

  • Image style: The artwork is what primarily sets graphic novels apart. Styles can vary from minimalistic and simplified to detailed and realistic, each creating a different impact on the reader. The choice of style contributes significantly to the narrative’s emotional punch.
  • Word style: The way words are presented in a graphic novel is equally powerful as the images. Changes in font, typefaces, and speech bubble design can reflect character personalities and tone shifts.
  • Word-image relationships: In a graphic novel, the integration of words and images is pivotal. The balance of both elements can drive the narrative and determine the pace of the story.
  • Undrawn inferences: This involves the active participation of the reader in ‘filling in blanks’ or deciphering the story progression from one panel to another.
  • Layout: Layout includes the order and the size of panels on a page. It can play with the reader’s perception and provides dynamism to the narrative.

Creating a Graphic Novel

Writing a graphic novel typically follows a standard three-act structure: beginning, middle, and end. It involves developing characters and plots before the illustrations are drawn. A collaborative process, where the writer provides character descriptions and world-building elements for the artist to interpret, often leads to a well-rounded and engaging narrative.

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Genres of Graphic Novels

A common misconception about graphic novels is that they are all for children or consist of solely superhero stories. However, the medium is as versatile as traditional books, allowing authors to explore various genres such as romance, science fiction, horror, mystery, etc.


In conclusion, a good graphic novel goes beyond the boundary of beautiful illustrations. While the artistry plays a major role in engaging readers, it’s the intertwining of visual expressions with well-written narratives that truly brings the story to life. From the story arc and character development to the delicate pacing and balance between text and visuals, every choice contributes to the novel’s overall success. As a writer, it’s important to tell stories that are meaningful to you and create a graphic novel that speaks to your readers.

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