What Things Should You Avoid Including in a Transfer Essay?

When managing a transfer essay, it’s essential to remember that the aim is not merely to share why you’re leaving your current institution, but to depict your identity, objectives, and why the institution you’re seeking to move to is the perfect fit for you.

Things to Avoid in a Transfer Essay

Navigating the complexities of a transfer essay can be a daunting task. Here are some critical points to avoid:

    • Bad mouthing your current school: Avoid critiquing your current school negatively. Display your maturity by focusing on your growth, not your dislikes about your previous institution.
    • Complaining: The essay is an opportunity to share your growth and future intentions, not a platform to criticize your professors, or discuss detrimental habits.
    • Listing multiple organizations: Avoid listing numerous organizations or opportunities to merely show you’ve researched. Instead, share specific parts of the university you’re interested in and align them with your interests and goals.
    • Plagiarism: Even if it’s your own previous work, copying from your old admissions essay is strictly a no-go. Always strive to create unique content.
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Shaping Your Transfer Essay

    • Introduction: Craft an intriguing opening that hooks the reader. A personal anecdote or unique fact can sometimes be more engaging than typical “hooks.”
    • Body: This is where you present your story. Explain what brought you to your current institution, what you’ve learnt, and why you want to transfer to the new school. Always be specific, tie it up to your interests and potential growth.
    • Conclusion: Wrap things up smoothly by tying all the points together. Referencing back to your intro can bring a satisfying sense of completion to your essay.

Remember, your transfer essay should essentially tell your story with authenticity, demonstrating your evolution and excitement about where life is taking you next.

Additional Tips to Consider

    • Avoid inappropriate topics: Stay clear from anything to do with illegal activities, alcohol, drugs, and similar themes.
    • Don’t reiterate your achievements: Admissions already have access to your achievements list; use the essay to tell them something they don’t already know.
    • Don’t focus on romantic endeavors: It’s best to steer clear of romantic tales. They are too personal and take the focus off of your academic and personal evolution.
    • No hero worshipping: It’s about you, not your hero. Avoid sharing lengthy tales about others, instead share the experiences that shaped your character.
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A successful transfer essay requires a thoughtful check on what to share and what to leave out. By focusing on what makes you unique, recounting your growth, and strategically pointing out how the college can benefit you, the essay becomes an effective tool for your application. Always remember to keep it real, show self-awareness, and avoid the common writing pitfall areas and clichés. Keep refining your story because the key to a successful transfer application lies in expressing the authentic you.

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