Who Does Kim Hajin Ultimately Choose as a Partner?

If you’re a fan of the captivating ‘The Novel’s Extra’ series, you’ve probably wondered, ‘Who does Kim Hajin end up with?‘. This question has sparked numerous debates amongst readers, and in this guide, we’ll delve into the answer, piecing it together from multiple sources.

Kim Hajin and His Relationships

Kim Hajin’s story involves intricate relationships with various characters. One central character is Yoo Yeonha, with whom Hajin shares a substantial history. Originally, their relationship was contentious, but evolved greatly over time.

Their alliance was solidified when Kim Hajin saved Yoo Yeonha from a Djinn. They shared experiences and journeys, which eventually led to the emergence of feelings. Yoo Yeonha realizes she has loved Hajin for over a decade, marking a significant point in their relationship.

Interestingly, in an alternate storyline, the two even end up married.


Hajin also shares a complex bond with Chae Nayun. He designed her character and holds fond feelings for her. However, their connection is subject to misunderstandings and complexities.

Nayun’s decision to regress, an event seen in the side stories, dramatically shapes their relationship.


Another significant character in Hajin’s life is Rachel. Seen as essential to the main story, Rachel develops a respect and fondness for Hajin, also carrying romantic feelings she keeps to herself.

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Facts about Kim Hajin

    • Kim Hajin is the main character of ‘The Novel’s Extra’.
    • Initially described as ordinary, he later becomes more distinct due to awe-inspiring abilities.
    • He plays a role in the Chameleon Troupe’s narrative, a famous mercenary group.

Hajin’s Ending: Who Does He End Up With?

From all the relationships Hajin nurtures, it seems he has a substantial engagement with Yoo Yeonha and Chae Nayun. The most conclusive evidence reveals that in an alternate “What If” world, Hajin ends up marrying Yoo Yeonha. Simultaneously, Nayun regresses to remedy their soured relationship, seen in the side stories yet to be translated.

So, although discussions lead to many speculations, these two characters seem to share the most profound and complex connection with Hajin.


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In conclusion, the dynamics of Kim Hajin’s relationships make it hard to conclusively determine who he ultimately ends up with. However, from a series of reports and stories, it becomes clear that his most significant bonds are with Yoo Yeonha and Chae Nayun. By the end, it seems Hajin’s life connects the most with these characters, making them the most likely candidates for who Kim Hajin ends up with. Remember, the true beauty of such narratives lies in their complexities and how characters evolve over time.

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