Who Does Zhuo Fan End Up With? Unveiling the Romance

If you’ve been engrossed in the vibrant saga of Zhuo Fan, the protagonist in the captivating fantasy world, you might have found yourself questioning: “Who does Zhuo Fan end up with?“. In this guide, we will shed light on this very query and more about Zhuo Fan’s romantic involvements.

Zhuo Fan’s Love Interest

To cut to the chase, the character Zhuo Fan falls in love with and eventually marries is Chu Qingcheng. Their romance spans several years and is marked by intense feelings, realizations and heartbreaks. Chu Qingcheng falls for Zhuo Fan when he demonstrates his extraordinary skills and gallantly saves the Drifting Flower Edifices.

    • Zhuo Fan suddenly participates in the Hundred Pill Festival.
    • Chu Qingcheng discovers that Song Yu is an imposter through Zhuo Fan.
    • Chu Qingcheng heartbreakingly sees Zhuo Fan sever ties with her and leave without any explanation.

Despite this painful episode, Chu Qingcheng can’t forget Zhuo Fan which triggers a roller-coaster of emotions when they meet again after five years.

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Key Life Events

Zhuo Fan and Chu Qingcheng’s journey isn’t smooth but filled with intense emotions, jealousies, misunderstandings and heartbreaks. However, they eventually end up formally marrying, indicating Zhuo Fan’s deep love for her.

    • Zhuo Fan is apparently indifferent towards Chu Qingcheng initially.
    • She gets hurt when Zhuo Fan doesn’t return her feelings.
    • Zhuo Fan and Chu Qingcheng get married after a few years.

After attaining the highest cultivation level, Zhuo Fan erases his existence from everyone’s memories. But Chu Qingcheng retains her memories of him and ends up being the only one who remembers him.


Zhuo Fan’s story is indeed intriguing. Despite his demonic and powerful persona, his character witnesses a heartwarming evolution when it comes to his relationship with Chu Qingcheng. Eventually, Zhuo Fan cherishes her deeply as shown by his decision to marry her. Thus, regardless of the initial heartbreaks, misunderstandings and separations, Zhuo Fan finally unites with Chu Qingcheng in the end. His journey with Chu Qingcheng underpins the narrative while exploring both the bitter and sweet aspects of their relationship in an unforgettable manner.

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