Exploring the Question: Who is Jeremy Agriche?

Jeremy Agriche is a character often mentioned in anime and manga discussions, attracting significant attention for his distinctive personality and role in his respective series.


Jeremy Agriche is a major character in the popular series Roxana. In the series, he’s often pictured as a young man, with black hair and blue eyes, projecting an image of childishness and recklessness. Jeremy also exhibits a strong instinct to protect his sister, Roxana Agriche, often fiercely reacting to anyone who attempts to harm her.

His personality is heavily marked by the loveless environment in which he grew up, a factor that contributes to his deep craving for his older half-sister’s affection. This feeling leads him to become easily jealous when she diverts her attention towards others.

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Family Relationships

Jeremy comes from a complex family background. He shares a powerful bond with his sister Roxana Agriche and is extremely protective of her. His mother, Sierra Agrece, is the fourth wife of Lante Agrece.

Jeremy is also related to several half-siblings, among them, the rough and brutal-looking Fontaine Agrece, the oldest half-brother, and the younger half-brother Achille Agrece.

Role in the Plot

  • Jeremy’s character develops over the course of the series amidst intense family dynamics and personal challenges.
  • In the original novel, The Abysmal Flower, Jeremy’s character takes a darker turn as he becomes responsible for kidnapping Sylvia, thereby stepping into the role of an antagonist.
  • The interaction between Roxana and other characters such as Cassis through Jeremy’s perspective provides a deeper insight into his character.
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Public Perception

Jeremy Agriche is a rather popular character among fans, earning a reputation as an “evil cutie” and a protective brother. Although some readers find his overly protective nature towards Roxana to be slightly annoying, many enjoy the complexity and depth that add intrigue to his character.


Understanding Jeremy Agriche requires diving deeper into the storylines of the series where he appears and his interactions with other characters. A character shaped by his troubled upbringing and marked by a deep need for connection and protection, Jeremy stands out as a vivid and complex character, often stealing the spotlight in the narratives he is a part of. His colorful personality and strong protective instincts make him an intriguing character worth learning more about.

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