Unmasking the Identity: Who is Kim Hajin?

Have you ever wondered who Kim Hajin is? He’s actually a fictional character from the novel ‘The Novel’s Extra.’

Character Background

Kim Hajin is described as an average looking character at the beginning of the story, with his appearance becoming more distinct as the plot advances. Standing 174 cm tall (around 5’8), his character is portrayed as amiable towards friends but ruthless towards enemies. A noteworthy aspect of his character is his tendency to lose his temper when made fun of. This is mainly due to a God complex, particularly triggered when the characters he himself created ridicule him. He also shows discomfort when there are considerable changes in the plot that obstruct his goals.

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As the story proceeds, Kim Hajin develops various relationships. One significant one is with a character named Yoo Yeonha. Their relationship transitions from being adversaries to allies after an episode where Kim Hajin saves Yeonha from a Djinn. In a ‘What If’ story, Kim Hajin ends up married to Yoo Yeonha.

Powers and Abilities

Kim Hajin possesses a unique ability that allows him to access the laptop’s settings book at any time. This ability provides him with the necessary details to solve problems as long as they adhere to the world design he created. He can also examine the description and characteristics of objects.

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    • He is associated with a criminal organization known as the Chameleon Troupe, which under his involvement functions like a mercenary group. Kim Hajin filled the seat of the former assassinated boss, Yi Yeonjun.
    • He uses the group for his personal goals and objectives, as well as indulging himself in criminal activities, including conducting missions with illegal undertones.

Source of Creation

Kim Hajin isn’t merely a character in someone else’s story, but a figure created in his own imagination. In the novel, Kim Hajin’s consciousness is transferred into the fictional world that he himself penned, but never completed. While navigating this alternate reality, Kim Hajin finds himself in a different body, experiencing life as an extra character in his own unfinished novel.

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If you had any doubts about who Kim Hajin is, hopefully this guide has helped to clarify things. He’s indeed a multifaceted character with unique personality traits and abilities, artfully placed within the fantasy world of ‘The Novel’s Extra.’ Surely, his journey and subsequent transformations provide a thrilling experience to all readers.

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