Who Exactly is Pomeranian Baskerville?

Pomeranian Baskerville is a fascinating character shrouded in mystery who exists within the world of web novels. Born from a Rokoko warrior and Penelope of the Rokoko tribe, she was discovered in her early years by Vikir Van Baskerville.

Early Life and Abilities

Pomeranian is capable of execution corpse revival magic, a unique ability that allows her to bring beings back from the dead. Post-discovery, she was raised lovingly by Vikir, adding an interesting layer to their shared story.

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Current Residency

At present, she can be found staying within the confines of the Baskerville Estate. However, she is far from confined and frequently sets off on adventures with her protector, Osiris.

Lineage and Family

Pomeranian carries a hefty family legacy as the sole child of the eldest daughter of the current head of the Baskerville Family, Hugo Les Baskerville. She is thereby precious, considering the lack of daughters in Hugo’s lineage.

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Relationship with Vikir Van Baskerville

Vikir Van Baskerville, who found and raised Pomeranian, has a tense relationship with his father, Hugo. He was wrongly accused of consorting with demons, leading to a false execution. Returning to life and determined for vengeance, Vikir and his relationship with Pomeranian add layers of complexity to the storyline.

Vikir’s Battles against Demons

In Vikir’s journey, he encounters and battles ten powerful Demon Kings who have infiltrated the Human Realm. Post-battle, each Demon King leaves behind an artifact that Vikir collects to increase his strength against the remaining Demon Kings.

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The Tale of Hugo Le Baskerville

Hugo Le Baskerville, Pomeranian’s grandfather, is the patriarch of the Baskerville Family. A man bearing multiple battle scars, his character transforms drastically throughout the story.

Webnovel – A World Explored

The webnovel titled “Revenge of the Iron-Blooded Sword Hound” introduces us to Pomeranian Baskerville and others in an imagined world. Themes of power, vengeance, magic, and relationships make the novel a captivating read.

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In conclusion, get ready to immerse yourself in the webnovel universe around Pomeranian Baskerville, unraveling her story, and witnessing the dynamics of her incredible world. This compelling tale of struggle, bloodlines, complex relationships, and magic is sure to keep you gripped till the very end.

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