Who is the Artist Behind ‘Roxana: The Way to Protect the Female Lead’s Older Brother’?

It can often be difficult to find reliable information about popular series due to its widespread distribution and translation into different languages. This is true for “The Way to Protect the Female Lead’s Older Brother“, also known as “Roxana“. This Korean light novel has captivated many fans with its intriguing plot and well-drawn illustrations.

About The Novel and Webcomic

The story begins with a young woman who dies and wakes up in anoth r world. She realizes she has been reborn in a novel she once read. She reincarnates as Roxana Agriche, a member of a family notorious for their villainy, who were killed by the female lead in the original novel.

In her new life, Roxana must navigate her family’s cut-throat dynamics to survive and save her family from the fate that befell them in the novel.

The story has been adapted into a webcomic in addition to the light novel. The webcomic is currently on a hiatus and both the novel translation and webcomic are available on the Radish App.

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The Artist

Although it can often be confusing to determine who the artist is due to translations and adaptations, the artist for “The Way to Protect The Female Lead’s Older Brother” has a presence on social media platforms. On Twitter, you can find the artist under the user handle “yoton_kuu“. This individual is recognized as not the author, but the artist responsible for bringing the characters and scenes of the novel to life in the webcomic.


“The Way to Protect the Female Lead’s Older Brother”, or “Roxana”, has accumulated a large fanbase drawn to its engaging story and artwork. The artist, found under the Twitter handle “yoton_kuu”, has illustrated the characters and world of the series, giving readers a visual aspect to accompany the narrative of the novel. Understanding the roles of the individuals behind a series enhances the reading experience and provides a deeper appreciation for the work that goes into creating stories we love.

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