Who is the Mystery Girl Featured on VNDB?

If you have recently traversed the world of visual novels, you might have come across a platform known as VNDB or the Visual Novel Database. Among its vast pool of content concerning visual novels, a commonly asked question arises: “Who is the girl on VNDB?

Who is the Girl on VNDB?

Delve into VNDB, and amidst the background aesthetics of the site, you encounter a particular anime-style character, a girl with an engaging impression prompting curiosity among users. This girl is known as Lasty Farson featured from the visual novel, Angelic Serenade.

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The Character: Lasty Farson

Lasty Farson serves as the mascot for VNDB, reinforcing the platform’s anime and visual novel related theme. Remember, the character you see might change depending on your profile settings and chosen skin, but the site’s default skin features Lasty Farson.

The Origin: Angelic Serenade

Angelic Serenade, the visual novel from where Lasty Farson is the central character, encapsulates elements of mystery and fantasy. Deeply ingrained in the aesthetics of VNDB, this character serves as a nod to the platform’s dedication to diverse visual novels.

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Character Customization on VNDB

If you own a VNDB account, you can alter your background character according to your preference. This is done by adjusting your profile settings and selecting different skins. Each skin comes with an associated character from a specific novel, adding a personalized touch to your visual novel journey.


Examining the girl on VNDB guides us through not only the vast expanses of visual novels but also familiarizes us with the versatility of the platform. VNDB does not just serve as a portal of vast information but also promotes the vibrant, dynamic world of visual novels. In residential terms, Lasty Farson and different characters from various visual novels immerse you more into this integral part of the gaming and literary community. Explore more, and your next favorite visual novel might just be a click away on VNDB. Happy reading and gaming!

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