Who Emerges as the Main Antagonist in Swordmaster Youngest Son?

When it comes to understanding the intricacies of “Swordmaster Youngest Son”, one common query is about identifying the main antagonist. Delving into the details, the story reveals not just one, but possibly two main antagonists, Kelliark Zipple and Joshua.

Kelliark Zipple

Kelliark Zipple is introduced as a major antagonist in this series. He is known to be a part of the Zipple Family and has a contract with the mighty Fire Dragon and God of Flames, Shinu. Some of his primary ambitions include becoming a God himself and taking up the position of a world leader.

  • Character Profile: Kelliark Zipple is depicted as a 10 Star Magician. He demonstrates no empathy and focuses more on achieving his personal goals, even if it implies disregarding the loss of his own brother.
  • Storyline: Kelliark is introduced after the demise of Andrei Zipple, his brother. He suspects the involvement of the shadow dragon Misha behind the tragic incident and makes every effort to track him down.
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Another character to consider as a strong antagonist is Joshua. Accused of causing Taimyun’s death and cursing Jin, Joshua is also found to be in conflict with Luna, who pledges loyalty to Jin to take him down.

  • Character Profile: Joshua is known for his strategic planning and manipulative skills and uses these tactics to execute his villainous plans.
  • Storyline: In spite of his father’s warning, Joshua’s knight defies the rules and incites conflict, leading Joshua to plot several attacks and schemes against Jin.


Deciphering the main antagonist in “Swordmaster Youngest Son” can indeed be a challenge considering the complex storylines and in-depth character profiles. Both Kelliark Zipple and Joshua make significant contributions as antagonists in the story, each bringing in a unique element of conflict and villainy. While Kelliark’s ruthless pursuit of power underscores his antagonistic traits, Joshua’s deceptive strategies evoke similar notions. Therefore, both characters can be equally credited for establishing tension, drama, and conflict in the fascinating plot of “Swordmaster Youngest Son”.

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