Who Is the Focal Point in ‘Click: The Book’?

Unraveling the compelling world of graphic novels, we find ourselves drawn into the story of “Click,” a quintessential representation of the hopeless search for identities and belonging in middle school. The book’s heartening narrative revolves around the journey of Olive, its main character.

The Character of Olive

Olive is an exceptionally relatable character for the target audience—the tween demographic—primarily due to her enduring struggle with finding where she “clicks” in the confusing maze of middle school friendships. She is the quintessential fifth-grader with an interesting peculiarity—Olive doesn’t quite belong to any specific group. She has many friends, spans across multiple friend groups, but lacks a ‘clique.’

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Olive’s Struggles

Life takes a challenging turn for Olive when a school variety show is announced. Suddenly, she finds herself feeling desperately alone among her friends, as they all seem to form groups based on shared interests and activities. Yet, Olive doesn’t quite fit in anywhere.

She faces the daunting task of trying to discover her place in her school’s social landscape, contemplating why all her friends have formed their groups without her. As the performance draws closer, Olive wonders—will she be able to find her place in the show before the curtain rises?.

Family Support

Throughout the narrative, Olive finds much-needed comfort and understanding from her Aunt Molly. Despite struggling with the belief that she doesn’t ‘fit’ in any of her friend groups, she is reassured by her aunt who imparts the precious lesson—it is perfectly okay to be different, to not fit a particular mold. Olive embarks on a journey of self-discovery, armed with the newfound knowledge that every individual has a unique place in the world.

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Endearing Aspects of Olive’s Character

  • Empathy: Olive’s journey reflects her empathy and compassion, values that resonate with readers and add depth to her character.
  • Resilience: Despite feeling lost and alone, she is determined to find her own place, highlighting her resilience and determination.
  • Friendliness: Amid her challenges, Olive retains her friendliness and connection with diverse groups of people.


Despite belonging to the world of fiction, “Click” holds up a mirror to the very real struggles of navigating friendships and finding one’s niche in middle school. The protagonist, Olive, seamlessly transitions from a relatable character on a page to a beacon of comfort for young readers grappling with similar trials in their lives. Her journey, marked by self-discovery and acceptance, continues to resonate with readers long after they’ve put the book down.

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