Who Stands as the Main Protagonist in the Novel ‘Extra’?

The main protagonist of the intriguing novel called ‘The Novel’s Extra’ is a character by the name of Kim Hajin.

Character Profile

Kim Hajin is introduced as having an average appearance but later becomes more distinguishable through one of his abilities. Standing at approximately 174 cm, Hajin maintains a unique personality.

Regarded as kind towards his friends and allies, Hajin is ruthless when dealing with foes. He is easily triggered when discovering changes that hinder his objectives set within the narrative of the novel.

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Character Relationships

An intriguing relationship in the novel is between Kim Hajin and Yoo Yeonha. Their bond is deep and complex, with Yeonha harboring romantic feelings for Hajin.

Another significant relationship is with a character called Rachel. Described as an important character in maintaining the flow of the main story, Hajin perceives Rachel as someone he has the responsibility to protect and guide towards growth.

Character Journey

Over the course of the journey, Kim Hajin evolves and tackles various situations which shape his character. His temperament, often flared with a God complex, adds an interesting touch to his persona.

Hajin not only evolves individually, but his relationships evolve as well. It is seen that Hajin and Yeonha’s trust grows, to the extent that he even invests greatly in Yeonha’s initiatives and presents valuable advice.

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Character Role

In the story, Hajin’s role is not only limited to being the protagonist but expands to many intense situations. For instance, involving himself with the notorious Chameleon Troupe, considered ‘the worst criminal group’ in the narrative.

Kim Hajin even takes on the role of the former Black Seat, Bell, in the Chameleon Troupe, escalating the intensity and complexity of his character journey.


In conclusion, as you dive into the world of ‘The Novel’s Extra’, understanding the central character, Kim Hajin, offers exciting insights to his journey. From his individual growth, complex relationships, to intense roles, Hajin’s character is truly captivating.

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