Who is the Queen in ‘The Greatest Estate Developer’ Novel?

In the universe of The Greatest Estate Developer novel, various rulers and significant characters play important roles. However, one character always piques the interest of readers – Queen Alicia.

Who is Queen Alicia?

Queen Alicia is the regnant of the Magentano Kingdom. The narrative reveals her rise to power under challenging circumstances prevalent in royal politics. The discovery of her elder brothers’ treacherous plot to assassinate their own parents for the throne tragically changes her life.

Successful in seizing the throne after eliminating her brothers, Alicia’s account has its share of trauma and personal adversities.

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Her Relationship with Lloyd

An intriguing aspect of the novel is Queen Alicia’s relationship with Lloyd. The Queen first learns about Lloyd through a letter from Count Cremo, who elaborates on Lloyd and Javier’s excellent skills exhibited in handling the Gigatitan. As the story progresses, Alicia’s trust in Lloyd grows, largely due to his consistent achievements and strategies that have solved multiple problems in the kingdom.

With time, Alicia’s fondness for Lloyd evolves into more than just appreciation for his competence and initiative. Despite constantly pushing him to put in more work and joking about his “ugly” looks, she eventually falls for him, hinting at a lovely romance intertwined with the plot’s gripping adventures.

Queen Alicia’s Daughter, Princess Charlotte

Another important figure in the narrative is Alicia’s daughter, Princess Charlotte. Intelligent and strong, she moves beyond her mother’s legacy to become the first Empress Regnant. Her journey to converting the kingdom into an empire is facilitated by the groundwork laid by her father’s construction projects, bringing a fascinating angle to the storyline.

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Alicia and Lloyd’s Romance

As the plot thickens, Lloyd and Alicia’s relationship solidifies into a romantic bond. The conclusion draws to an endearing climax as Lloyd, who returns to the novel as Kim Suho, marries Queen Alicia in a royal wedding ceremony. Their happy life together, along with their daughter, Princess Charlotte, adds another dimension to the story highlighting a perfect blend of power, romance, adversity, and triumph.


From examining the plot of The Greatest Estate Developer, Queen Alicia emerges as a resilient and charismatic figure. Initially a traumatised princess, she evolves into a stern yet compassionate queen. Her eventual love story with Lloyd, who also undergoes a significant character transformation, creates a compelling narrative that the readers find difficult to put down. As a queen, a mother, and a wife, Alicia’s character contributes immensely to the multi-layered dynamics of the novel, making it a gripping and exciting read.

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