Unmasking the Villain in the Namal Novel: Who is He?

In “Namal”, a renowned Pakistani novel by Nimra Ahmed, the characters’ journey unfolds in a network of complex narratives. Understanding the villain within the concentric circles of the story can be a bit challenging, but a thorough analysis of the text and characters provides enlightenment.

Namal’s Plot

This thrilling novel weaves a gripping tale of crime, justice, and misconception. At the center of the narrative is Faris Ghazi, accused of murdering his step-brother and his wife, and attempting to murder his relative, Zumar Yousuf. The struggle to prove Faris’s innocence acts as the main drive behind the plot progression.


The Antagonists

  • Hashim Kardar: The actual perpetrator of the crimes, Faris’s first cousin, Hashim Kardaar cleverly traps Faris in a murder case to shield his illegal deeds. His character showcases a vibrant mix of grey shades. Despite his involvement in several illicit activities, his family views him as a hero, reflecting his dual nature.
  • Jawahirat: Hashim’s mother, Jawahirat, also plays an integral role in the manipulation of events. The mother-son duo plots and weaves a web of deceptions to mislead everyone and safeguard their interests.

Characters’ Journey

Namal’s characters unfold with varying dynamics; detracting and converging at different plot points which reflects in the way they perceive the villain. This is particularly true for Faris and Saadi Yousuf, who believes in Faris’s innocence and makes consistent efforts to clear his name.

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Key Themes

A strong theme highlighted through the story is the manipulation of reality by Hashim and Jawahirat. Their deceptive practices feed misunderstanding and conflict among the other characters. Further, the novel beautifully encapsulates Islamic teachings, projecting a message of holding onto faith and hope during adversity, particularly highlighted through Saadi’s character.


In conclusion, Hashim Kardar emerges as the central villain of the book “Namal”. His actions, supported by his mother, Jawahirat, set the stage for the entire plot, leading to a domino effect of treachery, misjudgment, and misunderstandings, affecting all other characters. The novel provides a powerful narrative about the fight for justice, the inherent nature of good and evil within individuals, and the complexities of human relationships, making it a captivating read.

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