Who is the Writer Behind ‘The Princess Imprints a Traitor’?

If you find yourself wondering who wrote the Princess Imprints A Traitor, you’ve come to the right place. The story, famed for its unique narrative and fascinating characters, has fired up the imagination of many.

The Narrative

The Princess Imprints a Traitor, is a multifaceted work that blends romance and fantasy into one compelling tale. The narrative revolves around Princess Evienrose, and her struggle to liberate the homunculi rebels and prevent a rebellion against the empire. The complexity of the plot ties in well with the fluidity of the narrative, making it an engaging read.

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The Authors

The creators behind this captivating work are listed as SAGONG, SURI, Irinbi / COPIN for the first season and SAGONG, YOON JI-SEON, Irinbi / YeondamXCOPIN for the second season. However, it’s important to note that The Princess Imprints a Traitor is also known under the title “Revolutionary Princess Eve”. This information is vital to avoid any confusion or miscommunication that might arise due to the different naming conventions used.

Publishing Information

This body of work has been quite popular and is being circulated online on various platforms. The publishing house behind it is TAPAS MEDIA. The series is structured as episodes, with each episode fetching thousands of views. Weekly updates are usual, keeping the anticipation building amongst the readers.

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Translations and Adaptations

From the available information, it’s known that the series initially released in Spanish has been translated to English, and is well-received by the international audience. Appreciating the popularity of the text, an adapted version of the novel seems to be in the pipeline as well.


Understanding the authors behind our favorite works enables us to appreciate their creative process and the effort it takes to create a compelling narrative. Now you know about the creators behind Princess Imprints a Traitor / Revolutionary Princess Eve. Notably, the name difference is only a superficial change that doesn’t affect the captivating storyline and the narrative’s essence. Subsequently, whether you’re a fan of the original novel, the translated version, or eagerly anticipating the adaptation, rest assured that the enchanting world of Princess Evienrose awaits you, filled with intrigue and adventure.

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