Why Do Some People Write ‘High School’ as One Word?

Understanding the concept of writing ‘high school’ correctly is a popular concern that’s no stranger to the English language. Despite the increasing occurrence of the term ‘highschool’ used in a variety of contexts, the accepted form throughout English language use remains as ‘high school’–perfected as two separate words.

Understanding ‘High School’

Every language, including English, undergoes evolution and transformations. This factor often contributes to spelling confusions like ‘high school’ versus ‘highschool’. Historically, ‘high school’ in English has always been spelled as two distinct words.

This term denotes an educational stage that successfully mirrors societal shifts, linguistic evolutions, and historical changes.

  • Grammar Consensus: Dictionaries, educational institutions, and style guides all agree that ‘high school’ should be written as two separate words.
  • Spellcheck Misconceptions: Seeing ‘highschool’ without the red underline in spellcheck could lead to the misconception of it being correct. Remember, spellcheck sometimes lags behind in syncing with the fine nuances of grammar rules.
  • Compound Words: ‘High school’ is a compound noun–a combination of ‘high’ and ‘school’ standing as a two-word team. They each hold their unique weight and history, thereby painting a picture of a specific stage of education space between them.

‘Highschool’ – When is it Acceptable?

The term ‘highschool’ used as a single word, even though incorrect, has been spotted in various informal settings like social media posts and text messages. However, in formal writing and academia space, the fusion of ‘high’ and ‘school’ into one word is a strict ‘no-go’.

  • SEO Implications: In our digital age, correct spelling extends beyond grammar correctness—search engines, like Google, prioritize content with accurate spelling and grammar, enhancing your content’s discoverability.
  • Digital Language: Even though digital platforms are known for setting language trends, ‘highschool’ as a single word tends to be isolated in these spaces, with most platforms sticking to the traditional, accepted two-word variant.

Retaining ‘High School’ in Your Writing

The key to ensuring ‘high school’ remains two separate words in your writing includes thinking of ‘high’ as the adjective that describes the school level. Another trick is to replace ‘high’ with another adjective like ‘secondary’, and if ‘secondary school’ works, then ‘high school’ should follow suit.


Language Evolution and High School

Language change is a democratic process requiring collective shift usage for a new form to take hold. Despite our rapidly changing digital age, ‘high school’ in its two-word form is still firmly standing, persistently resisting the movement towards merging into one word.


The compound term ‘high school’ maintains its place as a two-word structure throughout the landscape of English language use. While it’s conceivable that ‘highschool’ may become acceptable someday, currently, its usage is restricted to informal contexts. Remembering this simple rule can make all the difference, enhancing both the clarity of communication and the SEO effectiveness of your digital content. Therefore, sticking with ‘high school’, the well-established two-word variant, is the most accurate approach.

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